Who's YOUR #SparkSuperhero?

April 15, 2020 -

That’s a picture of my sister and me having a whipped cream eating contest. I embarrass myself- and her- (sorry McKenzie) with that photo- because I am hoping to bring a smile to your face. We at…

Digital Citizenship

April 8, 2020 -

Adding to the stress of today’s world, we need to be thoughtful of the safety of children online.  Distance learning is the new normal, but families need to be mindful of the amount of screen t…

Looking for Science Lessons? Spark 101 Puts the Science in STEM!

March 31, 2020 -

As you continue to deal with the new normal in education, and behavior plans and lunch duty are replaced with synchronous communication and continuity in education, I want to share a few Spark 101 STEM S…

A Surprise, a Meltdown and Russ to the Rescue

March 25, 2020 -

It was 2:47 pm on Monday, March 22 when I got the surprise. My sister in law called in a panic to let me know that the Governor had just announced that school in Virginia would be closed for the remainde…

Spark 101 As A Distance Learning Resource - UPDATED

UPDATED March 25, 2020 -

With schools closing across the U.S. due to COVID-19, creating a distance learning plan is top of mind for all teachers and parents.  Several members of our team are balancing working from …