Bring the Real World into Your Students’ STEM Capstone Projects

May 22, 2015 / Catherine Sobieszczyk, Biology Teacher, Wheaton High School, Montgomery County Public Schools, Maryland

May 22, 2015 - 

Now that AP tests are over, how are you engaging your students? What sort of capstone projects do you assign to wrap up the year? If your classroom looks anything like mine, May includes a mixture of independent projects and organizing for fall. Thankfully, I’ve discovered a new resource to actively engage my students in STEM through real-world problem solving—Spark 101 Interactive STEM Videos.

I’ve been using the videos all year and believe that many teachers will especially benefit from these resources during the last few weeks of the school year. They offer free and complete access to real-world problems, STEM expertise, and career insights from STEM employers—as well as complementary teacher-created lesson plans ready to use.  

The Spark 101 problem-solving videos help students build research around STEM topics. They are like virtual interviews, with no waiting for someone to respond. Students can glean information about careers, daily tasks, educational pathways, research and problems, all from one case challenge video that is only 10 minutes long. 

Here are a few capstone ideas that can be supported by the Spark 101 Interactive STEM Videos:

Sign into the Spark 101 educator portal and keep track of the case challenges you'll use this year and in the future.

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