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May 26, 2020 / Russell Brown, Content Design Lead

May 26, 2020 - 

Spark 101 is pleased to introduce The Spark 101 Voices Podcast. During this time of travel restrictions and social challenges, we at Spark 101 are exploring new ways to continue to bring you new content. The Spark 101 Voices Podcast, hosted by Russ Brown (Spark 101 Content Design Lead) will focus on all thing STEM learning and STEM earning. You can find The Spark 101 Voices Podcast on iTunes. We will also be publishing each podcast episode on

Here is a quick preview of our upcoming guests and the topics they will discuss in the coming weeks on The Spark 101 Voices Podcast.

Jon Piatt, VP/GM, Integrated Aerospace Systems, L3Harris

Jon shares how innovation, unbounded thinking and overcoming failure allowed a group of employees and volunteers to succeed at an impossible challenge and build a sense of community at the same time.

Juliette and Nicholas McKinley 

Juliette and Nicholas are high school students from the Capstone Academy in Atlanta, Georgia using Facebook as a tool to support STEAM learning during the nation-wide stay-at-home order. When their STEAM club could no longer meet, they created a Facebook group (McKinleys 4-H STEAM Project Club) to share creative lessons.

Paul Zippel, Senior Director of Enterprise eCommerce for AmerisourceBergen and Nisha Nagarajan, Senior Digital Strategy Consultant for IBM

Paul and Nisha talk with us about MVP and waterfall vs. agile software development.

We will also have an episode focused on STEM literacy, where we talk with Industry leaders from the advanced manufacturing and healthcare industries.

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