Introducing - Spark 101 Snack Packs!

July 27, 2020 / Tiffany Godbout, President

July 27, 2020 -

New Home Lesson Plans

Are you looking for something fun to do while you’re home this summer with your children, and you want it to be educational? Do you want to trick your children into learning while they are having fun? We have you covered with our new Spark 101 Snack Packs. Just the right amount of learning with a lot of fun. Our Snack Packs utilize items found in and around your home and require little to no planning for parents. We worked with teachers to develop these activities with parents in mind. Out are the specific state standards, and in is the fun summer learning. No teacher jargon here, just engaging learning activities for your summer fun.

Get Started with Math

We know that parents and teachers are always looking to Spark 101 for math activities, so our first Snack Pack includes three recipes for fun math activities. Math summer fun is just one of the 5 Snack Packs that we have to offer. We also have home lessons featuring:

·       Nature

·       Food and Health

·       Energy

·       Computer Science

Each Snack Pack has 3 different activities. We designed the Snack Packs for parents to complete with children in upper elementary and middle school. However, the activities may be altered for younger children with parent support. They also use our new student QR codes, for ease of access to our STEM Skills videos.  

How to Access Snack Packs

To access the free math Snack Pack, simply login into your Spark 101 account, check on the “Beyond the Classroom” tab and download the Snack Pack as a PDF. If you’re interested in our nature, food and health, energy, and computer science Snack Packs, please visit With a $10 donation, you will receive your own downloadable Snack Pack. Each donation will go towards helping us keep Spark 101 resources free for teachers!

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