To expand access to digital learning materials for teachers and students, Learning Undefeated has aligned with Spark 101 to create a hybrid STEM education ecosystem that includes interactive digital lesson bundles, career snapshots, at-home learning, and STEM skills videos. The resources are free to students and teachers nationwide. These scalable, digital resources are designed to increase engagement in STEM coursework and interest in high-opportunity careers. The library of hybrid learning resources includes dozens of standards-aligned lessons on topics ranging from biology to engineering to data-driven decision making to computational thinking.


Our distance learning program provides turnkey experiences for teachers to use in their own digital classrooms. Program components include real-time, mobile-friendly access to standards-aligned laboratory investigations, multimedia STEM resources, collaborative assignment tools, and interactive assessments. learn more >

Mobile STEM education is part of Learning Undefeated’s larger strategy to increase student interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers. Mobile laboratories (mobile labs) allow us to bring scientific tools and techniques right to the school parking lot, allowing students access to experiences far beyond what many schools can provide.

Mobile labs are less expensive than traditional brick-and-mortar labs, and allow us to serve thousands more students each year – we currently see more than 50,000 students each school year. learn more >

These 10-15 minutes videos are built for teachers, allowing students to learn how real challenges are addressed in business, government, nonprofits, and academic institutions. Professionals from our employer partners guide them to develop solutions and understand the careers. The videos meet national and state educational standards and use a format proven to be effective in schools. An independent evaluation has pointed to a significant impact on student STEM engagement. learn more >

These short video experiments are designed for K-12 students to do at home, using household materials. Many experiments can be completed using everyday objects you already have at home! Also great assignment ideas for teachers for students’ independent instruction days. learn more >

One-minute videos that introduce students to high-demand career fields. learn more >

The hybrid STEM ecosystem project expands both reach and equity in STEM education by offering resources and programs to engage students in authentic, collaborative learning experiences that balance and blend online and face-to-face learning environments. Components include multimedia enhanced content, game-based learning, tools for ongoing discussion, and hands-on laboratory investigation in robust digital lesson bundles. The resources support hybrid instruction allowing students to interact with content and engage in learning activities independently or asynchronously while collaborating and applying key concepts within the synchronous classroom.

Both pioneers in STEM education, the partnership between Learning Undefeated and Spark 101 represents a significant win for educators and students, creating a vast, free library of interactive digital resources aligned to state and national education standards. This partnership will model hybrid learning in schools and community settings. Both organizations are committed to centering equity and helping under resourced populations access and explore STEM problem-solving encouraging interest in STEM courses and careers.